Blogging, what is it?

What is blogging?

So blogging, what is it? Well, for some of us it might be a simple question, but what does it do? Blogging started as a way for someone to express their opinion on absolutely everything. I mean everything to reviews on toys to detailed reviews on certain house products, which is quite a big thing now. Look at Amazon who likes to buy a product with a 1-star review?

Other people and other brands are reading and involving to you’re an opinion. They are trying to adapt so they can improve on their service or product. With every one, you are bound not to please everyone on the internet but make sure you’re brand gives out is a positive vibe, to good reviews and delightful comments, it can only help you as a business.

When can i post on my blog?

Whenever you like, it's yours. Let's compare this to a website, for example, having a blog can give you plenty of pro's and con's for instance, you can update your blog like a journal, writing you're opinions whenever you feel like it.

Without feeling guilty of not posting or some content on a page, as you know as a brand if there's something wrong on you're page, or it has some bad copywriting mistakes, it can actually affect them as a brand, but it's your blog, well who cares, you are in charge. There is no deadline, don't stress about it. But consider this. if you are planning to gain a following, it might be wise to make sure you can do the basics of English.

Why should you write a blog?

Don’t get me wrong; being consistent in writing can be hard work. I can be quite dull sometimes. But writing what you enjoy or even enjoy writing in general sure helps, for example, which this. I love writing my own opinion, writing this way or style, typing what’s in my mind. I enjoy it. But how exactly can it help? Well with the internet allows you to gain engagement or a following on writing about whatever you like sounds pretty awesome to me.

It often includes social media. How? Having the ability for readers to comment or have an opinion or a discussion with you and other followers can be awarded. When you see the “great job “ or “fantastic post” it can do great for your confidence and even encourage you to write even more blog posts, even in the past or now. Websites had guest logs where people could say beautiful things about you — but having a blog allowing a conversation and more significant interaction with your followers. You can on to a winner.

it doesn’t stop there; it can do the following, maybe I can write more about it in more detail some other time, so it doesn’t go any longer or check the source here.

  • Search engine loves new content.

  • Provides an easy way to keep your customers and clients up-to-date

  • Allows you to build trust and rapport with prospects.

  • Making Money

  • Flexible and Portable

Where can i write my blog?

With technology on the rise, with smartphones, light build laptops, easy to use apps, there are all sorts out there to get started, so let’s start with the platform. Alright, alright I know, this website is run my Squarespace isn’t exactly known as a blogging website, but don’t worry there are some.

Let’s look at Wordpress. in-fact I’m sure my first ever site was on WordPress. Arguably the most popular website builder on the web is great where to start; it’s easy. You can log in on your phone or the app you can find on the app store and write your thoughts even when you’re travelling home. Because of this, It’s always on the rise; it’s just down to you to get focused and write.

The Conclusion

So there we have it, blogging. We can go into more details on specific types in future blogs, but it doesn’t stop there. With everything, there’s always a downside. So let’s start with blogging; in general, it can take time. For me, I wrote this before I went to work at 2 pm for about 2 hours. So yes, it can be, but it is possible if you have the time to spare.

Secondly having ideas to write about. This happens all the time, for me, I found inspiration in getting in the marketing industry that helps, following a blog. One key thing in getting into digital marketing is knowing the core disciplines and writing about them and showing your knowledge and understanding of the subject. Check out my blog post to hear more about it.

Thirdly for marketing purposes, you need to offer more. Even when writing a blog, for example, as a kid, I always loved to read a book well when I did, with pictures of them. But why? It helps you as the reader to imagine you’re into the story, and it works the same with a blog. For me, l like to post a gif or a video summing up my post in a fun and comical way. But for marketing purposes, it ’won’t be enough for the following:

  • Generate traffic

  • Income

  • Email Marketing

  • Content

  • Social media

with all of these, consider thinking about them to spice up and get the most of your content.

Lastly, it’s the money, yes the money makes the world go round, without it we can afford things, and it’s one major thing that puts fellow writers off in writing engaging content, every single day. For me currently, I’m a part-timer, so it allows me to work and do productive things like writing this post, for example. But if this is what you enjoy, the money will not put you off. If you enjoy it, keep doing it. Do what makes you happy.