Doctor Who Interactive Comic Book - Academic Project

Creative Brief:

We aim to create an interactive comic book for existing Doctor Who fans by providing them with new, strong storylines. The purpose of the comic is to entertain and excite. We will do this by incorporating features and original content. We are basing the content of our product on both qualitative and quantitative primary & secondary research. This research conducted by a small amount masters students aged between 18 and 32, as well as a similar questionnaire distributed through the Dr Who subreddit and other social channels such as Facebook. We got a healthy response. 

Role Responsibilities:

Competitor Analysis - Identifying opportunities against comically related competitors such as Marvel, Star Wars & DC Comics.

Qualitative Research/Primary Research - Finding Dr Who Fans to gather research about the brand, they following and finding out what the fans want. Comparing age's between 21-32 we conducted a questionnaire and produced a small focus group and online using survey monkey to distribute over Reddit and social media platforms. 

Secondary Research - We gathered information about our brand and compared over competitors in different factors using sites such as Alexia for brand ranking. Social Mention comparing stats such as Strength% Reach% & Passion%. Survey Results are comparing stats of story, imagination and characters. Most Popular Doctors such as Tennant or Smith. And much more.

Creating & Producing User Journeys & Infographics - With the help of the team. We produced a user journey and infographics for our clients and team to showcase our research in a friendly, easy to understand and appealing way.


6 Weeks.


As a team. We've made an interactive comic book. In a group of 6. we had the help of two artists and two programmers helping us deliver the presentation of our research and a working app ready to use for our client.