Logistics, Establishing In The New Digital Age.


Gideon Hillman Consulting, Go Supply Chain & Supply Chain Consulting Group.

Creative Brief:

As part of a team, my role was to engage our current audiences by embracing new digital methods such as social media, website and email by interacting with old and new audiences by creating content for both Gideon Hillman Consulting & Go Supply Chain following their merge as Supply Chain Consulting Group earlier this year.

Role Responsibilities:

Social Media:

  • Scheduling social media posts by using Hootsuite.

  • Research and sharing blog posts about the latest news in the logistics industry.

  • Research and sharing Infographics using Canva and statistics.

  • Research and sharing Videos of case-studies or videos about the Logistics industry.


  • Updating Client Logos.

  • SEO on all updated case-studies.

  • Change/Fix links if requested.


  • Using Sendgrid to create mocks of emails for upcoming campaigns.

  • Creating reports of the success of the company every three months.


  • Using Lumen5 to create case studies of current clients.

  • Post videos on social media by using Youtube.

  • Promoting Events and Awards.


3-4 Months.


As a team. We successfully grew the awareness of the businesses, then leading to a merge helping both Gideon Hillman Consulting and Go Supply Chain audiences join as one following the now called brand Supply Chain Consulting Group.

Examples of Work (Full Documents Available of Request):