Redbee Media, Bringing The Doctor To Life.


Birmingham City University, Red Bee Media.

Creative Brief:

As an academic project set up by Birmingham City University and Red Bee Media, we were put into two groups to create an interactive comic book. My role for the team was to undertake primary research by using local Dr Who fans by performing focus groups; Secondary research methods were used for online Dr Who fans by posting online questionnaires to fan forums and online research.

From the results given, we were able to conduct useful research based on their response. Later being passed on to the Digital Designers and Coders to create the interactive comic book experience, ready for us to deliver a presentation live to Red Bee Media.

Role Responsibilities:

Market Research:

  • Using primary research methods by focus groups with local Dr Who fans.

  • Using secondary research methods by online forums and online questionnaire’s.

  • Conducting a Competitive Analysis, on Dr Who’s best competitors, such as Marvel and DC.

  • Conducting Research based on questionnaire results, such as Time settings, Villains, Dr Who’s and Games.

Graphic Design:

  • Creating a presentation themed to the client.

  • Creating an Infographic based on research findings, found by our questionnaire results.


6 Weeks.


As a team of 6, We successfully performed a presentation live to the client and were able to create an app of the interactive comic book for the client to test; we overall received great feedback for our efforts for creating a working module of an interactive comic book. Fully Finished.

Examples of Work (Full Documents Available of Request):