JWFitness4U, The Photoshoot For The Ages.



Creative Brief:

As part of a team, the role was to take high-quality shots of the new release of new merchandise allowing him to appeal for more of a smart/casual look. We took photos in various locations nearby to us, showcasing his loveable and likeable character.

Role Responsibilities:


  • Use the JWFitness Brand to appeal in various shots.

  • Showcase new products involving the brand, JWFitness4U in various locations.


  • Use various shots, such as close up, mid, and long shots showing different types of shots.

  • Showing off the merchandise in different locations, some involving background visual to be more appealing to the eye.

  • Research into various shots, involving gym wear.


0-1 days.


As a team, we successfully grew in awareness of the business, involving getting more clients for the brand, this is also including a boost in “likes” and “shares” and both RTMarketing and JWFitness4U posts across various platforms.

Examples of Work (Full Documents Available of Request):