Consent Forms, Botox Aftercare and Treatment Sheets.


Truly Content & Firas Al-Niaimi

Creative Brief:

We aimed to create some different visual satisfying and straightforward word documents to help Firas Al-Niaimi clients to pick up, read and understand his services and treatment sheets. We've worked as a team to create documents that were easy to follow with the help of my fellow collaborator Truly Content working on the content. My role was work on the design of the report as well as working with the client. We created consent forms, botox aftercare and treatment sheets.

Role Responsibilities:

Word Document Design - Planning and Producing a Design using themed colour and simple vector image designs.


Less than a week.


As a team. We've produced six types of different forms helping Firas Al-Niaimi share this information of this services, aftercare and treatment with success.

Examples of Work (Full Documents Available of Request):