Aspiring Marketing Professional in Long Itchington, Warwickshire

Born and Raised in Long Itchington, Warwickshire, Aspiring marketing professional, Birmingham City University Graduate, Creative individual and Part time gamer with over 1000 social media followers.

In 1994, the year I was born, I've never had a simple life. As many of us sometimes you'll challenges which you can't control, Facing personal problems leading to being diagnosed with depression during school and discovering learning difficulties during my studies at university  I overcome each day from working on my strengths and did what many others fought I couldn't and achieve my goals. They inspire me to not give up on my dream to become happy starting with my chosen career path.

In 2016, Graduated from Birmingham city university with a BA Hons in Digital Marketing. All starting with his passion for media from the film industry to games to digital marketing. Beating creative as always been in my roots. In 2017 still yet to find a digital marketing job within reach started to become a taste of owning my own business within the fitness industry with the help of one of my closest friends creating gym clothing under the label empire fitness clothing. In 2018 we decided to end following a saturated market and became independent. One following his dream of being a Personal Trainer and the other creating RTMarketing officially in 2018 with the same passion for succeeding.   

Ryan continues to reach his goals with hard work and learning new skills where he might not share these findings on social media but aims to work on that using RTmarketing as a platform to post this work and results to help others to inspire them to never give up on their dream.