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Linking Goals to Your Digital Channels

So you'll have some business goals it's time to think when you're own business or a business where you've recently made a purchase one. If you haven't don't worry If you like to try to identify online opportunities for your business, we'll make a step by step guide how to become online and succeed. 

Using following these tips, we can help you figure out how digital can help your business achieve your goals.  

Digital Channels

First, start producing a list of all the digital channels an online could use, perhaps it's a clothing branding selling their product online or a local food delivery service. Whichever you are it all applies the same. Think about when building an online presence what would consider? Maybe you create a website and what it to appear in search or social media to interact with your customers and many more.

An Example of businesses taking advantage using social media.

An Example of businesses taking advantage using social media.

Using our Facebook page, Businesses more than ever had a Facebook page, Big or small. You always can benefit without a doubt. So using social media as one of many digital channels setting up a page is quite simple to fill in some details about you. Your brand story. What services are you offering? All of these can help you set up a professional page. It doesn't stop there. It can also make your potential find you, invite friends to support you. Facebook as one example of a Digital channel has so many benefits but how can you make it successful?. But don't worry! We will cover that later in another blog.

Bussiness Goals

Let's head back to you're business goals it's time to think how you could perform and achieve them using online. For example, let's say you are a business but you can problems of your customers not knowing who you are. Taking your business online can help you meet the goal of increasing brand awareness.

An Example developed for upcoming RTmarketing campaign.

An Example developed for upcoming RTmarketing campaign.

Remember each business have a different set of business goals all depending on where they are now. If you are a startup like myself, It's essential to focus goals on growing your brand name to whatever KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) you'll set in place. I will achieve a "100likes of our Facebook page" make sure it's achievable. But today we are focusing how this can link to online success.

Combining the Two Together

Now connect the two lists by identifying which of the channels that could help you achieve that specific goal. Maybe you'll like to increase engagement on your social media posts by hosting focus groups to help you provide feedback or creating personalised offers to your customers using a landing page on your website. But be specific in how using this digital channel could help you reach this goal.

An Example of Combining Online & Business Goals together.

An Example of Combining Online & Business Goals together.

I've taken the goal of building brand recognition for my own company and now applied my business goals to my online goals as part of our marketing campaign, Giving me three opportunities of how it can be achievable. Such as using paid social. Facebook allows you to run ad's of your company relatively cheap and can help your brand get seen on social.

Using these points can provide you with the know how to connect online channels to your business goals to help you achieve the results you desire online.