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Ryan Thomson’s Personal Website and Brand. Passionate for creating content traced back in my student days. Whether it’s for working with friends on projects or working as a member on the team to help other businesses thrive. I’ve been on the Digital Marketing journey from the beginning. The Reason? I love getting people engaging with Blog Posts, Videos, Images; you name it. Right now, that's anything and everything!

Outside of the office, I’m committed to self-development when I’m not working part-time as a sales assistant, learning and reading through marketing websites such as Hubspot and many others. It helps me get to grips with the industry and understand the latest threads. If you challenge me to a game of call of duty, I will win.

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 JWFitness4U, The Ongoing Project.


JWFitness4u is a Personal Training service based in Southam, regarded for his high enthusiasm for fitness, health and fun. Along with this likeable character and eagerness to learn has made James one of the most highly demanded personal trainer in the area. We worked together in three projects, one for promoting this new merchandise — the other following this journey with training tips and vlogs with his clients and fellow personal trainers.


Logistics, Establishing In The New Digital Age.


Two Businesses recently formed into one, Gideon Hillman Consulting and Go Supply Chain are the leading independent logistics consultancy groups servicing its clients throughout the UK and Europe. Working closing in the Leamington Spa Office we worked closely together to push both individual brands online presence with daily social media posts, website updates, video content and many more.


Consent Forms, Botox Aftercare and Treatment Sheets.


Dr Firas Al-Niaimi is an expert cosmetic and medical dermatologist based in London. Working with an unrivalled, personalised approach and a wealth of experience, Dr Al-Niaimi has developed a strong and credible work ethic, and is well respected amongst both patients and peers alike. (With collaboration with Truly Content Limited)



New Menu, Great Food.


The Long Itch Diner is located just outside the village of Long Itchington. The diner is an extremely popular place, not only with bikers and custom car lovers, but also with local people who know us for our good service and great food. (With collaboration with Truly Content Limited)


Redbee Media, Bringing The Doctor To Life.


The media company based in London known for broadcasting internationally as part of the BBC came to us as part of an academic project set up by Birmingham City University. Aiming to create a Doctor Who themed interactive comic book appealing to Doctor Who fans by providing fan service what ifs with new, strong storylines, old characters or new we tailored the experience to them allowing full creativity to create your own story following research of existing and new fans. Doing this will enable us to incorporate new features and original content with the help of research methods, we delivered the perfect all-around interactive comic book.



Wellcome Trust, The Journey Of Healthier Eating.


The London based non-profit charity funded for its biomedical research for improving human and animal health came to us as part of an academic project set up by Birmingham City University. Their plan was too interactive with young people and children with a digitalised approach to storytelling in the form of an app, appealing to them on why to eat health following your personal story all based on fun and engagement.